Saturday, October 29, 2011

Diablo III Beta

So I know I told everyone I was going write up my review of ComicCon this weekend but there was a bit of a snag. I got my Diablo III Beta invite around 2am Friday morning and I'm pretty sure I've devoted at least 90% of my time to that. What I will do is write up a review on what I've seen thus far.

So far as of last night I have played threw the entire beta once with my first character. I loved the concepts behind the Witch Doctor so I decided to make that my first character. The Witch Doctor is a summoner, having skills in the Spiritual, and the Physical Realm.

You start the game outside of New Tristrum (a name that sounds familiar to those who played the other games in the diablo franchise). Your character has traveled from far to learn more about "The Fallen Star" a meteor of some sort that has fallen from the sky and landed in the heart of New Tristrum. The Beta ends after the slaying of the Skeleton King in the depts of the Old Cathedral. While shorty (The Beta is only the first quest line in Act 1, many believe it is only the first quarter of the act) the beta is a lot of fun, I plan on playing through at least once with each character class.

In other news I've been working on another custom Munny, this one a complete conversion from its natural state. I am turning it into the Mech from Sucker Punch, I believe its name is the Gentile Giant? All the sculpting is done I just need to finishing sanding it and prime it. Ill make sure to post some pictures as soon as I get them off my phone. I'm hoping to have the entire Munny done before November 1st as I want to enter it as a submission to an Art Book. Ill post more information about that soon. Until then keep checking back for updates and ill try and post more often. If I see that there are more people coming to my blog Ill start posting more frequently.

Oh and heres a little eye candy...Pretty much finished the 3D model I was making, just did the last of the texturing.

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