Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Art....

So the last few days I've been working on the pieces I will be putting into a show I'm having in a month. I figured I'd give you guys a taste of what Ive been doing. Its kinda odd to say the least...

Preview of New Print

It's a bit off my usual style but I'm really liking the oddness of it. Not to mention the awkward feeling people get when they look at it, that was kinda my intention.

Not much more from me today, I finished the armor pieces I was working on the other day and I'm going to start on the waist armor pieces next...those are all white as well. I also filled the seam lines in on the PG Aile Strikes Beam Rifle and sanded all the nasty mold marks off the Armor Snider Knifes (probably the worst molding lines Ive ever is on a PG...hmmm). Thats it from me today more to come soon!

Friday, February 25, 2011

PG Aile Strike Gundam Gets Some Paint

So today I got a chance to do some airbrushing which I haven't gotten a chance to do for about a month. Always fun getting everything set back up and mixing the paints I needed for the day. Most of the pieces that I airbrushed today were for my Perfect Grade Aile Strike Gundam that I am currently talking my time building. Today was devoted to the white armor pieces that go around the legs. First off let me show you the airbrush that I have been tooling around with for the past few months.

Paasche Model H

This is my Paasche Model H, it is a single action siphon feed airbrush. So far this little baby have been alright to me, It's a bit fickle at times but nothing I can't work out. I'm looking into getting a newer gravity fed airbrush as soon as I have the extra cash. It would be nice to buy the Tamiya Dual Action one but its a bit expensive.

Tamiya Paints

Heres a quick shot at the paints that I use, notice they are all Tamiya. I have found that these paints shoot really well and are very easy to clean up. Best thing about most Tamiya paint too is that it is Alcohol based so instead of getting bottle after bottle of thinner you can just use 91% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Earlier this week I prepped all the pieces that I painted today. I shaved any nubs off, sanded the whole piece smooth, then prep sanded them with 1000 grit to give them a smooth yet textured surface for the paint to stick to. After standing I did probably the most important thing, I washed all the pieces. If you are going to paint, I can't stress how important it is to wash your plastic. Washing will get any of the greases from your hand along with the release they use to get the plastic out of the molds off your model, this allows the paint to stick much better. I just soaked them in some warm water with regular dish soap, gave them a quick scrub and rinsed them all very well. After I set them on a paper towel to air dry so I didn't add any scratches or lint to them.

Now that I had all my pieces prepped I was ready to spray today. As I said before I sprayed all the white armor pieces for the legs today but I didn't just spray them white. I decided I wanted to do some preshading so in order to do this I first had to spray the pieces a darker color. Preshading is basically adding depth to a piece by simulating shadowing and highlighting. As I said before first you lay down a darker color, then once that dries you can spray a lighter color on top and graduate it out so that you create shadows.

Perfect Grade Strike Gundam: Armor Base Coated

 Heres one of the larger pieces, notice its relatively darker towards the edges and panel lines. This is because thats where most of the shading is going to occur.

Perfect Grade Strike Gundam: Armor Base Coated 2

Another picture for good measure...So I took my time spraying all the pieces I had to do today (about 35 all together). The color I used was a mixture of white and black to make a grey, then I added a touch of blue to cool down the whole mixture. I premixed all my paint so when I do the other white pieces the tone will be the same. I took a break for dinner and came back to shoot the white on top (always a good idea to let the paint sit for a bit before you spray another layer.

Perfect Grade Strike Gundam: Armor Preshaded

I may have had the white balance on my camera a bit off so the shading is a bit hard to make out. You'll notice it along the panel lines and edges its slightly darker. This subtle shading will look great once it is together and panel lined. This effect is achieved by starting out in the center of the piece (where you want it to be the lightest) and working your way out. Once you get close to the edges you pull the airbrush back to increase the mist size, this will cause a graduating effect allowing some of the black to show through. Once this is done I tend to turn up the pressure on my gun a bit and spray a large mist from a distance, this will blend and soften the edges.

Perfect Grade Strike Gundam: Armor Preshaded 2

A few more pictures for good measure again....

Perfect Grade Strike Gundam: Armor Preshaded 3

The shading looks particularly good on small pieces with a lot of panel lines and edging. Its a bit more noticeable on this piece. I must admit its a bit tricking to learn exactly how to do this, there are many factors that come in such as the consistence of the paint, the pressure, how close you are to the piece, the size of the needle (In my case, since I'm using a single action airbrush). I'm still learning and I wouldn't know anything I know now if it wasn't for forums and other bloggers. One page that I often refer to is Gamera Baenre's Page, he has many great video tutorials to help you along if you are just getting into Gunpla. His work in my opinion is awesome and is one of the reasons I started this blog.

So thats was a bit of my day today, I got the wood for my spray booth and Ill be working on that tomorrow along with finishing up some of the painting I started today. I think there are 4 pieces I didn't get a chance to finish.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gundam News

So I did a bit of searching today to see if I could find any news on the new Gundam releases for 2011 and I stumbled upon some new pictures of the Real Grade Strike Gundam I have been talking about for the last few posts.

Real Grade Strike Gundam Preview

Looking at it, it looks as though the designer went with a similar design to the Perfect Grade Strike Gundam. It is really evident in the proportions of the model as well as in the legs and side armor. I am hoping that those side armor pieces will move like the Perfect Grade do (they have this cool side to side swaying motion when the leg moves). The Striker Pack looks pretty good, I'm pretty excited to see what it will look like with some color. All in good time I suppose, we are still a good month away from this release. If you look farther down the page you'll notice they put the weaponry which includes his Beam Rifle and with the Aile Strike you get the two Beam Sabers for the Striker Pack but alas no Grand Slam Sword....This is a bit disappointing. Moving on you will also see that the 3rd secret has been release which is nothing I didn't already guess, just another allusion to the Advanced MS Joint System that they have been using on the last two Real Grades. You can see they are showing the inner frame of both the arm and the leg, as they did with the shoulder joint and the waist. The leg does look to be a bit different although so I am still hoping Bandai has something up their sleeve with this one. Either way this is on my list for April so you guys can be expecting an unboxing as well as build for that model.

Another few releases look to be the MG 00 Raiser for May 2011, taking a look at the scans from the latests issue of Hobby Magazine... 

Master Grade 00 Raiser Preview

Looks like this ones going to look a lot like the Perfect Grade as well. I wonder if they will have any light up parts like the MG Exia Ignition Mode had. I know I saw something about it having the GN Condenser packs.  Lastly and what everyone seems to be astir about is the MG Epyon.

Master Grade Epyon Preview

From what I hear this was leaked a few weeks ago with a silhouetted picture, much like what we saw when they announced the RG Strike Gundam. When looking at this model it looks to be a reworked design of the newer Endless Waltz version from the new manga. It looks pretty cool to me, I really dig the segmented leg armor. It will be interesting to see what the prototype will look like.

That seems to be it for news today, Ill keep you guys posted if I learn anything new. In other news I ended up going out today and staying out most of the day so I didn't really get a chance to do any painting. I'm hoping to start that tomorrow along with grabbing the wood I need to start building my spray booth. Ill post tomorrow with an update, until then.... 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real Grade Aile Strike Gundam Secrets

So today I was surfing the web and I found the first two secrets to the new Real Grade Aile Strike Gundam were posted. I was pretty excited to actually get a chance to check these out being that the Aile Strike is one of my favorite.

Real Grade Strike Gundam Secrets

So.....They are just showing me things I already know. Apparently from what I see the Aile Strike will have a similar shoulder joint as the Zaku II. The second secret looks to be a double joint with a hinge and a ball joint at the waist and hip. Third secret is only a day away, maybe they will tell us the next model is going to be made out of plastic! All kidding aside its good to have a little look at what to expect, I still am quite excited for this release.

In other news I sold some stuff on eBay over the week, Ill be using the extra cash to grab some decals for my Gouf Custom, and My PG Strike Gundam. I also managed to find some pretty good hands on eBay for Master Grades, they have fully articulating fingers much like the Perfect Grade hands. I'm pretty sure ill be trying these hands out on my Gouf Custom to see how well they work.

Master Grade Upgraded Hands

I may need to modify them with a few rare earth magnets, they do not look like they will have a peg.

Other than shopping around I haven't gotten too much work done on my models, I took a few days to work on some new drawings for an Art Show that I will be having with a friend next month. Trying to change my style up a bit so theses drawings are a bit different from my normal style. I would have taken some pictures of my progress but I don't want to give away too much before the Art Show.

So whats on the agenda for the rest of the week. Well I just finished up some prep on my PG Aile Strike Gundam and all the white armor pieces for the legs are ready for paint, Ill probably get around to doing it tomorrow. I also just finished putting some small hex head screws into the Gatling Shield of the Gouf Custom that I modified last post so I'm going to start getting the Gouf ready for paint (Just need to finish up the battery compartment). Lastly I just finished up mocking up the spray booth that I will be making with the money I got from my eBay auctions. Its going to be relatively small, just big enough for my models.

I'm excited to get some painting done tomorrow, its been about a month since I last got a chance to paint so Ill make sure to take some pictures of my work space and my equipment for the blog. So tomorrow Ill get some more pictures up, I'm hoping to get 20-30 posts in this month so I need to up my game a bit and stop being lazy....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Woot...Gouf Custom's New Gatling Gun!

Who doesn't love Gatling Guns? The Gatling Gun was the main reasons I bought the Gouf Custom that I am currently working on and being so this gun needs to look awesome. So to say the least I started the Gatling Gun transformation today. I went out and bought some 5mm and 6mm aluminium rods today from my local hobby shop and starting forging new barrels because the stock plastic ones are kinda lame looking.

So this is what my desk looked like today; various drills and metal rods. took me a while to figure out exactly how much I needed to cut from the existing pieces to get it to work. To say the least, I cut quite a lot to get everything to fit right.

Started test fitting small pieces to get the size right... and to make sure the holes would be big enough to take on the metal shafts...(thats what she said)

Originally I was going to make new pieces that matched the pieces that were given but after fitting it all it wasn't solid enough and didn't feel uniform. So I decided just to make the barrels the full length of the gun. Lots of drilling and cutting later I was left with this...

I am actually quite pleased with the way this came out, the rods were the perfect width and really make this feel like more of a weapon than the plastic barrels.

Now all I need to do is find a chain to replace the dinky plastic one they give you in the kit. I spent the last few days solving an issue with the arms; being that the Gatling Gun is so big it weighs the arm down. My solution was to glue some small strips of styrene to create a notch that the arm joint can rest on and stay pointing forward, that way I won't get any arm drooping.

Well that's all I have today, I'm going to finish off the night by adding some screws to the shield just for a bit more detail. I'm still trying to figure out a color scheme to go with; I think I wanna try going over chrome silver with a clear smoke/black and see if I get a black titanium finish; at least for some of the inner frame parts.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Master Grade Gouf Custom...So Far

So the last order I made with some of the extra money I got for Christmas consisted of two kits. The Real Grade Zaku II that I just reviewed and a Master Grade Gouf Custom. Why Gouf Custom? I don't really know it just looks so awesome. The kit is not the newest I think it originally came out in 2000, and the articulation is not as good as the Gouf 2.0 but the Custom comes with the Gatling Shield and I couldn't have passed that up. I figured the Gouf would be the first kit I really went all out on and modified so why not get the cheaper on anyways? I did not want to screw up on a nicer kit.

So as of last week I finished up the pre-build on him and began to do some modifications. The first and foremost would be the light up mono eye. If you are going to modify a Gouf...or any suite with a mono eye you might as well make it light up. So I went to "The Shack".....I hesitated to write that...and picked up some LED's along with some housing. What I found actually suited my needs perfectly. They had a LED already in a chrome bezel that would look perfect for the mono eye, only problem was the LED was way to dim. I picked up an ultra bright red LED as well to swap out. The chrome bezel was actually pretty long and needed to be cut down a good bit, so I took the LED out and cut a good quarter inch off of it to shorten it.

Theres a good shot of what the head looks like with it installed. Next I had to drill a hole in that housing and in the the inside of the head so that I could get the eye to pivot just a bit. Glued a screw shaft the the bezel, it all fit pretty well.

I then had to swap out those LEDs so that his eye would be a lot brighter. I slowly sanded away at the new led because it was about 2mm's too big until it fit into the housing. I soldered a few wires to the LED, fed them through a hole in the bottom of the head and tested my connections.

Yeah, they were not kidding when they said ultra bright, I can barely look at it. Anyways I had a little fun with that and decided to drill some holes and make a cavity for the battery and switch. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with a reed switch to turn it on and off (Magnetic Switch).

Pin-Vice is a critical piece of modeling equipment, if its pinning metal miniatures or plastic figures for strength or just simply drilling a hole, they are necessity. So I fed it through the torso and into the waist. Theres the most room in the waist so I figured that would be a good place for the battery.

Drilled me an entry hole, then made a little hole in the back to access the future battery compartment.

Seems to be pretty happy with it....This is just temporary. Ill clean it up when I get ready to paint the inner frame.

I have a weird sense of humor....anyways back on the Gouf Train. The hole is going to be covered up by the back skirt so it works out quite nicely.

After that I decided to clean up some of the pieces and maybe then I would get an idea or two on what I could do next. I used some plastic cement to get rid of some seam lines, the shoulder armor is particularly bad on this model. They decided to split them in halves.

Nice and smooth, as is the rest of the kit thus far. So whats in store for the future? The next time I get a little extra cash I am going to order the metal pieces that I want to modify this kit with. Just some thrusters and some rivets. I am also going to order a new set of hands; the hands that come with this kit are absolutely horrible. I am planing to modify the weapons so that they have Rare Earth Magnets in the handles. and the same to the hands, this way I don't need to worry about them falling out. I also need to solve the problem with the arm falling with the weight of the Gatling Shield. I will keep track of it and see how it goes. Least it gives me a lot of time to plan a custom paint scheme....hmmm

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Real Grade Zaku II Char's Custom Review

So I figured I write a little bit of a review since I am almost done with this figure. Like I said in the previous post I am just waiting on the decals then I can put the final flat coat on it.

So lets start with some of the basics, The RG Zaku II will run you about 30.00 USD or as the box says 2,625 Japanese Yen. It is the second release in the new Real Grade series, Bandai will pretty much release the same series of figures when trying out a new grade. The first release is always a RX 78-2 and then they release its counter part The Char's Zaku II. It was said that the next Real Grade release was going to be the normal green Zaku II but to the surprise of most Bandai decided to move on to an unsuspected Suite. The next Suite to be released in April of 2011 will be the Aile Strike Gundam heres a little sneak peak of the what you may expect.

In the picture they display the PG Strike Gundam doing some poses, so I hope they are alluding that the RG version will be able to make some of these poses.

Anyways back on topic, The RG Zaku II is everything they set out for it to be. When I buy a kit always look at a few things; Detail, Articulation, Gimmicks, Weapons, and the ability to modify (I will get into this more later).

Heres a shot of the box art, and I do have to say it looks pretty awesome. I love the colors they used on the box art, the deep reds and salmon colors. So I decided when I went to paint the kit I would use the box art as inspiration.

The Real grade implements some cool technology much like what you see in the hands of Perfect Grades with its advanced MS joint runner. You can see that the advanced plate already has the small joints made up to save you the frustration of creating tiny joints. They are also much stronger this way, less likely to break. I know some were a little upset saying that the advanced runner takes away from building but I disagree theres much more to the inner frame than that one plate.

As far as articulation of the frame goes there is great mobility in every sense. The frame was designed to be able to pretty much do any of the action poses that you may have seen in the Anime. Bandai released these few shots to show what its capable of.

The RG Zaku has a great range of motion, totally blows away any 1/144 scale HG I have ever seen. Starting with the head and moving down.

The head is on a double ball joint so you get the same chicken like movement that you see in Master Grades. The head has a bit movement left and right, whats really cool is when you turn the head the mono eye moves much like the MG Zaku II 2.0. Because of this gearing you can not get a full 360 with the head. The head is very detailed, the panel lines are very nice, there are holes cut for the vents in front (No need to paint the vent black like in the HG), the cable armor around the head are individual beads that are strung onto plastic runners much like the MG 2.0 version. Very nice over all

The shoulder armor is on a plastic joint which allows it to pull out and move around quite well, as is the shoulder shield. The arms are on pegs which connect to the torso. The pegs come out and swivel so that the arms can pretty much reach across to the the other arms. The multiple colors and panel detail is what make these, three different colors for both shoulders, rivets on the inside of the shield, bolt and screws throughout the shoulders as well as the rest of the model.

You can see that the shoulders can almost come out in front of the Zaku, this is great if you want to pose him in his shoulder bash. Anyways moving on to the arms, they connect at the peg and have 2 points at the elbow so that they can come straight up. The detail of the arms is just what you would expect from a Master Grade. There are multiple colors (5 shades of red through out the whole figure), moving armor pieces that expose inner frame when bent, and very detailed panel lines once again.

The hands are probably my favorite part as I stated last night. The RG comes with two sets. One set is the standard fisty set, and the second set are the almost fully articulating hands I spoke about last night. Like I said last night all the fingers have a ball joint at the first knuckle, and another joint at the second knuckle. Only the fore finger and thumb are independent, and the other three are connected (but they still all have the second knuckle).

The torso and waist connect at a double ball joint so there is a great amount of movement there. Same great beaded cable armor as in the head, even an opening cockpit! No tiny Char though....I think that may have been pushing it. I could only imagine how small it would be. The side skirts are all on their own joints, the front two on ball joints, and the other 3 on plastic flaps.

Hopefully these pictures can give you a little idea on how they move with the legs. While all the skirts have a good range of motion the side skirts will fall off if pushed up too far. The inner frame to the waist is pretty interesting, it can swivel back and forth giving the waist some pretty good articulation for a 1/144 scale model.

Finally the legs, these made this build. just watching how the armor moves when you bend the leg was awesome to see. These kits are so much like Master Grades it hurts. The leg connects to the waste with a peg that has some good up and down, as well as side to side motion to it. The leg bends at two joints at the knee which makes it possible for the leg to go straight back 180. Like I said before the top armor pieces slide out when the leg is bent just like a Master Grade. The legs have that great beaded cable armor except this time they are on a tiny spring instead of the plastic cable. This allow the leg to bend all the way up and the armor stay in tact.

Love the detail on the legs as well, how the small thrusters pop through from the inner frame, the panel lines are perfect as well, no too much not too little. Lastly the feel connect with a peg has a little bit of side to side and front to back action. The actual food has 3 points of articulation; the tip, middle, and back. They don't move much but its enough to pose.

Over all I love this kit, love this kit so much that the next kit I'm going to get after I finish what I'm working on is the RX 78-2 RG than hopefully the RG Aile Strike Gundam. Well thats it from me for now, being that I started my blog yesterday these pictures were not taken to cater to the review so hopefully my next review will be better. Love to hear some comments or suggestions from anyone, if anyone is actually reading this yet....

The Truth Reveled...

So here comes a bit of my nerdy-ness...but this is what I made this blog for. So lets talk a little bit about Gunpla. For those who don't know what Gunpla is I'll make it simple, Gunpla is short for Gundam Plastic Models....or at least the Japanese like to think. Anyways, they are Japanese plastic models that I have grow very fond of making in the past few years. They can be very complex, they have great articulation and they are very detailed and interesting to look at. They come in a few different grades. 

  • High Grade 1/144 Scale which range from 15-30 dollars, they are the least detailed of the bunch. The articulation is something of a cheap action figure. 
  • Master Grade 1/100 Scale which range from 30-90 dollars, this is where I like to spend my money. They seem to have the best bang for your buck, great detail, great articulation,  and not too big. 
  • Perfect Grade 1/60 Scale which range from 150-300 dollars. These are the most expensive yet the nicest looking. The detail and the articulation on these are absolutely amazing. 
  • Real Grade 1/144 Scale which range from 20-40. The Real grade just came out and ill actually be able to show you one I just finished for a Gunpla competition. These are basically smaller Master Grade models. I like these kits so much I'm planning on sticking to these and Master Grades. The detail is amazing for such a small size and the articulation is unbelievable. The hands are almost better than most Master Grades with fully jointed thumbs, forefinger and the rest of the fingers attached like master grades with an extra knuckle joint. 
So those are your basic grade. Like I said my own personal collection which is quite small, only consists of a Real Grade which I just finished and two Master Grades. Here is the Real Grade I just finished. 

This is the Real Grade Zaku II Char's Custom Suite.  By far one of the most fun kits I've ever painted. It may look pretty finished but I still need to apply decals that I am waiting on and then a top coat of matte clear. I can not say anything bad about this kit, I'm going to write a review a little later this week. 

Heres a back shot of it. I did a lot of painting with this figure that I never though I could do on a 1/144 scale figure (About 5-6 inches tall). All the panel lines were painted in silver to match the box art, I did pre and post shading on the larger armor parts. Chrome on the thrusters and even painted the insides red. As I write I am trying to figure out how to let you guys click on my pictures to make them bigger....I suppose all in good time. 

So what am I working on now you might ask...well I have a few projects going. I'm working on a custom paint job for a Gouf Custom. I just finished installing the led for the mono eye and I will be prepping it for paint soon. I am also working on a Master Grade Aile Strike Gundam. I will post some pictures soon, let you guys see the inner workings of my painting operations. 

This year looks like its gonna be pretty good for Gunpla, I will make a post soon talking about this years upcoming models. I'm pretty excited for the next RG to come out, its going to be the Aile Strike Gundam. Anyways its 4am time for me to get some sleep...this blog stuff is fun...

A Sneak Preview

So I figured after talking that much you probably would like to see at least a bit of my work. Which is reasonable I guess grated I made this to display my various works. So lets start with some of my more artistic stuff. These are some prints I have made in the last few years. Hopefully the picture quality is not horrible.

"Abel's Forest 1-3"         1/9         Neil Pascarella

O.k. so this is the most recent piece of work that I have finished. It is titled "Abel's Forest" and it is a ten color silk screened triptych (It is an edition of 10). If you look closely there are actually three panels. This Image was inspired by a photograph that a good friend of mine took. I'd say it was a pain in the ass to make, took me nearly eight weeks to complete. Moving on...

"Reflections"         7/9         Neil Pascarella 
This next print is a ten color silkscreen as well, It was inspired by a picture I took with my iPhone of the Christian Science Center in Boston. Do not let this fool you, I not a very religious man but I did however think it was a very beautiful picture. 

This is a T-shit mock up that I made when I was fancy of the idea of my own clothing company. I pressed out 80 of these bad boys and sold maybe 20? I made my money back, but for the work that was involved maybe ill just stick to making T's for local bands.

So thats about all the art work I want to share right now. Tomorrow I'm going to hang around the art department at my old school and try and get some work done for a show I am having. I also need to take pictures of the miniatures I have painted so I can start with that. Hopefully I can share what I'm working on in the studio tomorrow. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

So I Guess We Start Here....

So this is were our journey begins, if you are on my blog chances are theres not much to it. But every great blog starts somewhere and here just so happens to be where mine will start. So the basics, who am I, why am I here, why do I even need a blog? All shall be answered; Lets start with me:

  • My Name is Neil
  • I've been on this planet for 24 years
  • I hail from the East; of the United States that is
  • I am an Artist of many sorts, I am also an educator
Well that was fun, lets move on; Why am I here? Well actually for a few reasons, I guess I can kill two birds with one stone and answer both that and why I need a blog. I am here making a blog because I wish to share what I do with people. What I do exactly changes from time to time but primarily this blog is going to be used to show off my art work that I have done for myself and for other. Through this I hope to: Meet new people, Acquire work, ????, PROFIT?!!! Well maybe thats pushing it but at least get a foot-up in what I do.

So lets talk a little about what exactly my work consists of and what you will be seeing the most. I went to school for Art Education, I am trained in many art media, being that an art teacher needs to be a jack of all trades if you will. My main body of work consists of Prints, which from time to time I will be sharing and possibly putting up for sale. Now what I will be posting most often is probably the work that I do in Painting and Modeling. Over the past five or six years I have picked up the hobby of building things, it is something that I find relaxes me, keeps my mind sharp and top of all things, keeps my mind from wondering into the depths during the winter season. What exactly do I model? Well anything really lately I've been playing around with Gundam Models a lot, I am finding that they are a lot of fun to build and paint. I have also painted many table top miniatures from WarHammer (Fantasy and 40K) and WarMachine. That may seem a bit anticlimactic, having read all that just to find out I'm a nerd but truth be told I don't care what others say. I think if you find something you like to do and you are good at it, flaunt it. 

So getting back into what ill be doing with this blog. I hope to be able to update it as often as possible, to show off everything that I have been working on. Not only my models and miniatures but hopefully those who stick around for my good looks and charm may see some of my more....lets say art show art work. 

So hopefully we can both learn something along the way and I can get a few people to actually look at my blog from time to time. It would be nice to get a little attention at times. 

Other than that, I believe this intro will come to a close. I'm going to try and post a few pictures for tonight and hopefully we can get working from there. 

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