Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hello Again Blog....

Well now, who knew being a teacher would take up so much of my free time; Seven more weeks till summer! Anyways I haven't posted in a while because Ive been super busy and I know Ive already said that. Lets try this again.

As far as work goes I haven't gotten anything done in the past month, I'm just now picking back up with my new Air Brush and pushing forward on my Perfect Grade Alie Strike Gundam. The Gouf is still pretty much as it was although I did manage to find the chain I wanted for it on eBay and got that a few weeks ago, now it is complete! Other than that the only other things Ive gotten done is flat coating my RG Zaku II and man did that make a difference. Sealed all the decals in perfect, can't wait to post some pictures of that. I'm planing on starting a diorama also with the RG Zaku II and the RG RX 78-2 that I have yet to start building. So the next few months are full of some good Gunpla.

Like I mentioned last post I finished my spray booth and it is all set up and ready for use. Here are some quick pictures of it. I think after I bought everything it cost me around 40-60 dollars which isn't half bad in my opinion.

Anyways well Ill be posting back soon with pictures of my RG Zaku and also update on my PG Strike. Keep checking back and I promise Ill be posting more.

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